The Kirkham's

The Kirkham's

Monday, October 15, 2012

Getting Caught Up Yet Again!

Warning!  This will be a long post since I haven't posted since June.
Here we go!
Sami just loves her bike.  She isn't quite tall enough to reach the pedals, so she convinces whoever she can to push her.  Jesi is usually the one who gets to do it.  What a good sport!
Sami got a Slide for her birthday this year.  She thinks this is one of the best things in the world. 

 Sami found a doughnut.  Can you tell that she loved it??


Madi turned 11 this year.  She helped make her own cake.  She was so proud.  She has turned into a little chef.  She loves to help her dad cook whatever she can and volunteers quite often to make dinner herself. 


For the 24th of July this year we went into the mountains and had a picnic with Kelly's family.  We found a small river that the kids could play in. 
Uncle Dave decided to teach the girls how to skip rocks.

Mitch had to take a turn too.

We found a ground squirrel that loved potato chips.  Sami thought this was the best thing ever.  She kept throwing chips to him.
Jesi just loves to spend time with Sami.  They will go off and play for hours at a time. 
 Kelly & Emily got these spray guns at girls camp this year.  Sami & Jesi kind of stole them.  They were so cute.  They would spray the water up in the air and wait for it to rain down on them. 

 How can you not LOVE this little face?

Madi & our cousin Paxton share a bday.  So every year we have to get new pictures of the two of them together. 
 He loves his Madi.

 First Day of School.......

Emily is an 8th Grader at Legacy Jr High.  She is doing so well.  She has all A's and a few B's.  She is doing awesome.
Madison is a mighty 6th Grader.  The ruler of the school!  She is in an advanced 5/6th split class.  They had to be nominated by their teachers from last year as well as their end of the level test scores to be able to be in this class.  Madi is a math and science wiz.  (She did not get this from me!  I suck at both.)  She is doing wonderful and is loving it.
Jessica is in 3rd grade and has so many friends she doesn't know what to do with them all.  She is excelling really well this year.

Madi & Jesi are both playing Soccer this fall and loving it.  They are both really good and play hard.

Jesi loves to play keeper.

Of course Sami couldn't be left out.  She asks us daily if we can go and play "Soccaball".  She loves to go and watch her sisters play and is always kicking a ball.  Even if it isn't a soccer ball.

I had to add this picture of Madi & her dad.  She hates it but I love it.  This is how these two do everything.  Always joking and teasing each other. 
So that gets us caught up for the moment.  Tomorrow I will be behind again! :)

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