The Kirkham's

The Kirkham's

Friday, June 15, 2012

June 2012

The end of May brought Madi's class program.  They do a history program which is pretty cool.  They learn to play the recorder and have different parts to sing and speak.  Her she is doing her best.

The day after school got out was Miss Jessica's 8th Bday.  This just happened to fall on our stake baptism day so she was able to be baptized on her bday.  What a special experience for her.

Jesi & Kelly - pre baptism & post baptism.

The whole gang.

After the baptism we had a bbq & bday party with the family.

Jesi with her "3 White Dresses" picture.  My mom has given this to each of the girls when they get baptized.  It's pretty cool because it has the Logan Temple in the picture too.

Jesi & Allie both turned 8 this year and were baptized just a few weeks apart.
Here they both are in their baptism dresses.

My girls with Drew & Teresa's kids.

Madi & Jesi both started swim lessons this last week.  They are taking them from my neighbor Linda Horsley and her son Austin.  They are teaching them in their backyard pool so its small and very private.  The girls love them.  They are both doing really good.




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